Hannah session sang for an underground garage label to begin with but has always felt her calling was rock and roll. From an obsession with rock and roll music bought on tape from the local Sunday market in the midlands as a 7 year old, to a fascination with the 1950’s lifestyle and an absolute love of 50’s fashion. This is where I belong!

Denise Greenwood

Denise is a Bass player and has also been playing guitar for a number of years. She grew up listening to the great sounds of rock and roll which her parents always played and her dad being a DJ back in the 60’s. Denise loves all the big greats from that era especially Chuck Berry and Jackie Wilson

Craig Clarke

Craig is a Drummer, played at school then after leaving waited 35 years to start playing again, he now loves playing the songs that remind him of the car rides to the Coast, with his Dad's 8 track playing the 50's sounds

James Pirot

James is an experienced session musician, singer, songwriter and piano player. He developed a passion for boogie-woogie and rock ‘n’ roll from an early age, honing his skills over the years playing alongside the likes of James Bay, Jeff Beck, Tom O Dell, and Chris Difford!